Course Topics:

Unit 1: Variables and Expressions (8 days)

        Variables and Expressions
        Order of Operations
        Evaluating Expressions
        Properties of Real Numbers
        Operations with Real Numbers

Unit 2: Solving Equations (12-13 days)

        On, Two and Multistep Equations
        Literal Equations
        Unit Conversions

Unit 3: Solving Inequalities (9-10 days)

        One, Two an dMultistep inequalities
        Graphing Inequalities on a number line
        Compund Inequalities
        Absolute Value Inequalities

Unit 4: Functions (13-15 days)

        Function Notation
        Formalizing Relations and Functions
        Using Graphs to Relate Two Quanities
        Interpreting Expression and Functions in Context
        Writing a Function Rule

Unit 5: Graphing Linear Equations (13-15 days)

        Coordinate Plane
        Rate of Change
        Graphing Linear Equations using
o   Slope- intercept
o   Point-slope
o   Standard Form

Unit 6: Graphing Nonlinear eequations and Inequalities (9-10 days)

        Analyzing Graphs
        Graphing Nonlinear
        Transformations of Functions
        Graphing Inequalities

Unit 7: Graphing Systems (10-11 days)

        Graphing Linear Systems
        Graphing Linear Inequality Systems
        Parallel and Perpendicular
        Graphing Nonlinear Systems

Unit 8: Solving Systems Algebraically(9-10 days)

        Writing Systems from Context

Unit 9: Polynomials (11-13 days)

        Properties of Exponents
        Operations with Polynomials

Unit 10: Factoring (16-18 days)

        Factor ax2 +bx +c for a=1
        Factor ax2 +bx +c for a ≠ 1
        Differences of Squares
        Perfect Squares
        Differences and Sums of Cubes

Unit 11: Solving Quadartic Equations (11-13 days)

        Finding roots/zers/x-intercepts
        Completing the square
        Quadratic Formula

Unit 12: Statistics (8-9 days)

        Number Line Plots – Dot Plots, Histograms, Box Plots
        Compare and Interpret Measures of Center and Spread
        Creating Scatterplots
        Lines of Best fit
        Correlation vs. Causation

Unit 13 – Probability, Radicals, and Trigonometry (15-17 days)

        Radical Expressions and Equations
        Trig Ratios

Unit 14- Radical Expressions and Equations

        Simplify Radical Expressions
        Solve Radical Equations




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