About the course

This introductory course to chemistry includes an introduction to atomic theory and organic chemistry. Concepts of energy relationships, chemical bonding, acids and bases, formula writing, states of matter, physical and chemical equilibrium, and the periodic table are introduced. The laboratory section for this course thoroughly familiarizes the students with equipment, laboratory safety, and the experimental procedure. This course also helps students prepare for the SAT Chemistry Test and for college level chemistry.



Unit 1: Safety
Unit 2: Matter, Change & Measurement
Unit 3: Atomic Structure & Theory
Unit 4: Electrons in Atoms
Unit 5: Periodic Trends Unit
Unit 6: Chemical Formulas & Nomenclature
Unit 7: Stoichiometry
Unit 8: Aqueous Reactions
Unit 9: Chemical Bonding & Geometry
Unit 10: Thermochemistry
Unit 11: IMFs & States on Matter
Unit 12: Gases
Unit 13: Properties of Solutions
Unit 14: Kinetics & Equilibrium
Unit 15: Acids & Bases
Unit 16: Electrochemistry
Unit 17: Nuclear & Organic

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