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“Please pass our message to Mr. Purushottam Thank you so much for giving very warm attention to our kid how he is relaxing is truly our ‘Guru shishy’ parampara I don’t have more words to describe our gratitude”

“See we personally didn’t know about each other but today his attitude he makes kids very relax”

“It’s different type of pressure here, n my elder one is Krutang so we also new in this path so I understand what he n friends talking each other”

“Be half of us tell Mr. purushottam he is taking care kids very well buy teaching them , talking helping and motivating "

“Hi , Krutang is doing good in chemistry in school and it’s all credit goes to Mr. Purshottam Let Mr. purushottam know We are really appreciating his hard work”

“ sir , your commitment to make sure students learn is really appreciated. 🙏”


About Us

Puruda Online Classes provide various services to help students, understand the intricate subjects of science.

  • Highly Experienced Faculty
  • Personalized Report Card
  • Excellence In JEE/Medical/AP Chemistry/Honors Chemistry/High School Chemistry
  • Regular Practice Problem
  • All India Test Series
  • Data Analytics and AI

Puruda Online Classes is a sincere effort by Mr Purushottam Singh popularly known as "Puru Da". Puruda envisioned helping students to achieve their dreams of getting into the best institutes through various competitive entrance examinations. This inspired him to teach at some of the best institutes like Brilliant Tutorials, Bansal classes (Kota),FIIT-JEE, PACE,etc before establishing himself as a stand-alone brand synonymous with success.

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Why choose Puruda Online Classes?

Puruda Online Classes prepare you for JEE Mains/ JEE Advanced, NEET for Indian students and AP courses and Honors courses for students abroad in a Pattern Proof Mode. This means that you are prepared to give your best and optimal performance even if the pattern of the exam is changed at the last minute. We are the only institute whose students do well not only in JEE Mains but also in JEE Advanced, School Exams & Other competitive exams.

  • 01 Up-to-date and meticulously designed syllabus

    At Puruda Online Classes the syllabus has been designed meticulously so that each chapter and topic gets the perfect amount of time during the preparation period.

  • Group classes are scientifically proven method to give introverted students a comfortable environment for clearing their doubts. Different students share their opinions about the topic making it lucid.These are also beneficial for establishing a competitive environment which ensures better individual performance.

  • Online test series at Puruda Online Classes provides a simulation for online test, so that students become familiar and comfortable with online exams.

  • At Puruda Online Classes every student is taught in group classes, but the teachers analyze each and every student individually, so that they can teach the student accordingly.

  • At Puruda Online Classes students are taught with the latest techniques, which helps them to improve their speed and accuracy.

  • At Puruda Online Classes we give equal emphasis to AP/ honors/School exams/competitive exams(ACT/JEE Mains/Advanced/NEET), which help students with better clarification and understanding of the topics.

  • At Puruda Online Classes we offer regular tests and doubt clearing sessions, which provides better clarity and accuracy about the subject.

  • Puruda Online Classes provide daily practice papers after each class to students to ensure the thorough practice of the topics.


Our Self-Assesment Index

We at Puruda Online Classes believe in surety of success with authentic self-assesment.

Success Potential100%
Mentor Intelligence 90%
Staff Support85%
Success Rate80%


Courses offered in Puruda Online Classes provide in-depth environment for clarity of concepts in order to achieve your goals. These courses are divided into certain exhaustive phases where each phase is followed by regular practice tests and test analysis sessions. There is a right mix of classes, problem-solving and doubt clearing sessions at any time of day for students to have a thorough understanding of the subject. At the start of each course a comprehensive and revised study material is provided to the students in order to keep them updated with the current exam pattern.

Two Year Classroom Program


This course is intended for class/grade 10 passed students and provides an exhaustive interaction among students and teacher with the approximate hours lying between 480 to 700 per year with a personalized report

One Year Classroom Program


This course is intended for class/grade 11 passed students and provides an exhaustive interaction among students and teacher with the approximate hours lying between 200 to 500 per year with a personalized report

Passout Classroom Program


This course is intended for class/grade 12 passed students and provides an exhaustive interaction among students and teacher with approximate hours lying between 350 to 500 per year with a personalized report

Honors Courses and AP Courses


Get the maximum out of your honors and AP courses through our intelligently designed training program that will enable you to get the maximum out of your potential.These are to guide students to their dream colleges in an easy and goal-oriented manner.

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